Mission & Vision

Our Vision

RC Flying Arena was formed with the mission to EDUCATE, ENABLE and INSPIRE the community to achieve their dreams in model aviation. We are dedicated to sharing our love of aviation with everyone to the fullest extent possible. 

Our Missions

RC Flying Arena was formed with the vision of sharing the love of radio-controlled modelling with our community. Most of us had the privilege of being mentored by others who had a passion for modelling. Our vision is to give many others the same opportunity to learn this great hobby in a fun and safe manner and take Model Aviation a step forward as a sport in Sri Lanka.


  1. Club

Provide a safe, secure, supportive, and friendly environment for all members, associates and newcomers who love model aviation.

2. Service

Ensure excellence in the delivery of aviation education, including model aircraft building and flying, supported by experienced club members.

3. Community

Give back to the community by providing educational opportunities, social & charity support, hosting aviation events that will also gain international exposure and support the tourism industry.

4. Future

Introduce the Diyagama National sports academy and international sports complex to the international audiences and bring down international teams to compete in events and to promote model flying and aviation in general.