About Us

RC Flying Arena

We started our club as a public flying club way back in 2009 with a handful of members which grew exponentially within a matter of few months. We became an attention grabber very quickly and many media channels invited us to feature in various segments. We participated in many events and exhibitions within the first few months of operations. We even got invitations from Sri Lanka Air Force to join as exhibition flyers of some of their prestige events. 

We also became mentors for various schools and their aeronautical clubs. We have trained thousands of school children (including air scouts) during our passionate journey. RC Flying Arena welcomes a friendly approach to the hobby and makes it a stress-relieving activity for the hobbyists.   

RC Flying Arena values build and fly culture. We accept new members from any part of the country. We will groom them to be the best RC pilots with all the required guides and support to build your own models and trim them perfectly to ease your entry into this great hobby. Keep in touch with us through our Facebook fan page or please fill out the following Google Form to get more information about memberships and member benefits.

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More than a hobby

RC Flying Arena has worked with government and non-government bodies on industrial-level drone projects. Some of them later won many awards and national recognition. Some of our members became the pioneers in the Cinematic application of drones in the early stages of FPV and Aerial footage.

SLAF Diyathalawa

This was one of the most memorable events RC Flying Arena participated in. The event was filled with members and families of SLAF for two days of fun. 

Air Scouts Shows

RC Flying Arena proudly represented many Air Scouts events around the Island organized by Wijeya Newspapers and Scouting association.

Techno 2012

We participated in the Techno 2012 engineering exhibition and for everyone’s amusement, we even flew some of our RC models at BMICH for the first time.

Into the Sky
FPV and e-Sport

Drone Racing is set to be the most popular high-tech esports connecting people from all around the world. Accessible to all ages and physical capabilities, Drone Racing, both in the real and virtual world, can improve both hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and benefit the understanding of present and future technologies. RC Flying Arena encourages its members to explore this great experience by providing them with all of the required tools and guidance. We welcome both beginners and experts to join our FPV and e-Sports team.